For her Instagram vs. Reality series, Vienna used many after-effects on the "perfect" pictures to really highlight the discrepancy between the side-by-side pics. "On those photos, I used an app called Ulike."
This software lets people "fine-tune" themselves, offering to touch-up their eyes, nose and mouth."

lot of people, Instagram is the highlight reel of their lives in the last years ! They show off their details daily ,exotic trips, fancy meals, strike a sexy pose in front of expensive toys, and it's totally their choice. However, if you drown yourself in the sea of winning shots, you might end up with the impression that all of their days look like that. And feel like a loser when comparing yourself to those unachievable standards.

So it's healthy to remind yourself that not only are these pictures showing just a tiny part of their lives, but also that there are dozens of outtakes behind those glamorous shots as well. Maybe the angle gave them a double chin, 

in this topic we speak about Thai model Vienna did just that. She wanted to show her followers overworld that there's more than meets the eye to every "perfect" pictures on social media and posted a series of 'Instagram vs. Reality' takes which really resonated with folks online.

However, the "real" ones weren't manipulated at all, I just used my normal camera without any filters. That's why my face looks super different in them."