There is a book saying that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. The simple truth behind this is that men and women have some big different emotional makeup which is why there is always a conflict with each other in any healthy relationship. So for that I thought were common sense had to be stated explicitly for my partner. anyway, after some time together, a few things have helped me to be more better in my communication. Here are the some better ideas for good Relation,

1-1. Not falling in Assumptions

I like to give you thisexemple washing the dishes. You may think that washing after each meal is more logicalyour partner may feel that it is good to wash the dishes all together in thenight. You might end up doing the dishes, and also he or she might end upthinking that you like doing the dishes. You see the problem. Talking about allof these things - big or small - and highlighting what bothers you will leavevery little room for assumptions and misunderstandings. 

2-Listening and let the Judgement after

 Contact and communication with your partner isessential, but in the same time it is equally necessary for you to listen andunderstand to what they have to say, without thinking a lot or any judgement.They may not want to do certain things or agree with you on some issues.Give them that space where they feel free to voice their concerns or wisheswithout feeling like they may not be heard or understand,

3-Being Curious About Their Lives

  Many time we are so caught up in our world and what we want thatwe often forget to check whether our partner is doing okay, or if they needanything special. Sure the two of you are in a good space, but individually,how is your partner doing? The ideal thing happen when you ask your partnerevery night about their day and how they handled tough situations that they hadexpressed concerns about earlier. Ask them if they need you to help withanything, and make sure they know that you are always around to help, or simplylisten without give anything. 

4- Trying To Stay On The Positive Side

One time there was an 80-year-old lady in my neighbourhoodwho was a delight to talk to. She always had a smile on her face like angel,even she has more than 80 year-old and would always have something positive tosay. In general, a simple thing like being positive and chirpy in therelationship makes your partner more happiness and more powerful. Things canseem a little dreary now and then, and it is okay to discuss this with yourpartner even in the bad situtions. But as a rule, try to stay on the positiveside.

5- choose The Golden Words

In any relationship around the world, there comes atime when you get so comfortable that you take each other for granted.Compliments become a rarity, and you stop doing the little things thatattracted you towards each other immediately.but you should know It’s never toolate ! you can always start now. If your partner does something good,compliment them even if they have always been doing it. Also, tell them youlove them and appreciate having them in your life and let them